Setting a date and choosing your proposal location.

A few weeks ago one of my local clients contacted me for a proposal photoshoot. Him and his longterm girlfriend had a bought a house in my town a year ago and he was ready to take that next step and propose.

I was really excited for him and for the opportunity to capture this really special moment for them.

After my client picked the date of this shoot he went out to scout his own location to make this experience for special for them. He took a day trip to Carmel, California and found this perfect deserted location and came up with a fully detailed and well thought out story to get his girlfriend there without any suspicion.

Getting her there without getting giving it away.

My client told his then girlfriend that he was invited to an all inclusive work retreat for the weekend and that on Sunday (the proposal date) they would be going to a company dinner. To prove his story to be true he had his boss send him an email. I don't want to get too much into detail but she believed it and really enjoyed her weekend getaway ordering all the expensive foods and snack at their hotel retreat which they laugh about later after the proposal.

With our flexible timeline well planned out with option a, b, and c for backup we were able to capture the proposal execution perfectly. I stayed hidden far enough in my "casual hiker disguise" with my sister to give them some privacy and before we knew it they were both a happily engaged couple. She said YES!

Proposal Session - Success!

So happy for these lovebirds ~ congratulations :)