Your home can be the best place for a newborn family session!

If you are looking for a lifestyle newborn session, your very own home can be a perfect location or so called newborn studio. At home newborn portraits are a great idea for many reasons - keep reading to find out at least three good ones!

  1. You don't have to travel with a newborn! Everyone knows that traveling with a newborn is tough! Packing everything, changing diapers & feeding mid travel, being on a nap schedule that you're not yet used to is a lot to manage. Along with that, you run the risk of forgetting things at home such as outfits, shoes, memorabilia props etc. There is just so much going on the first few months of having a newborn in your life that home is just the most comfortable and best spot for baby and parents to be.
  2. It will be special to look back on professional photos taken in your home. In the future it will be nice to see portraits of your baby and your family in their natural habitat (home). Sometimes, or many times throughout our kids lives we end up moving and so it makes a home session even more perfect to be captured in some important milestone portraits.
  3. You can capture photos in the Nursery ! Many parents, especially first time parents spend so much time, love, money and hard work putting together their baby's nursery. Having a professional photographer come into your home and capture some early life portraits in this special room or area is a perfect way to memorialize your baby's nursery and showcase it to your friends and family online so that everyone can admire your hard work! Nursery's are meant to be seen!

The little details in your baby's nursery are perfect to look back at!

You can include your fur babies in your newborn sessions at home.

The possibilities are endless for lifestyle newborn home sessions! Also, your baby will be in his or her comfort zone which is really comforting and soothing for them.